About me.


This is the beginning of a blog where words matter, quality counts, and art speaks for itself or those in the architecture and graphic design industry can share their thoughts and opinions.

I am going to share with you various crazy or maybe very simple ideas that I have for cheap and easy interior designs and small DIY’s that you can do at home.


It is not only about this. I don’t want you to get bored so I want you to come with me, on my journey of discovering the world, new places and mind sets, to learn together how to think beautifully and see the bright side in every situation. I am going to share with you my own experiences of being a recent graduate who is trying to face the world. Ups and downs, successes or mistakes its all part of the journey.

Follow me around and let’s absorb the culture, the art and all the beauty that surrounds us.


HOW TO: DIY Jewelry Button Necklace

Are you in love with fashion, glamour and jewelries? Than this is perfect for you!

Using simple vintage or elegant buttons whatever you prefer actually you can do this amazing DIY necklace. It is so easy and fun to do! I cannot wait to wear it! It’s such a unique piece that will definitely make you stand out in a good creative way.

Give it a try and send me pics of it!

I am in love with the result so I am going to share some pictures with you as well ❤ Its just perfect! Such a simple way of creating something beautiful out of buttons that usually annoy us because they tend to get spread all over the house. If you want to know what I have used for this DIY check out the video!!IMG_1027.JPG


Buttons were sponsored by Smart as a button: https://www.smartasabutton.com/. Check out this website, for your next glamorous necklace.

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HOW TO: LOVE Wall sign- Bedroom decoration

I have recently moved and I have been looking at ways of spicing up my bedroom.

As I had quite a few buttons, thanks to smartasabutton.com , I decided to do this simple and effective wall sign. You can go for a colorful look as I did or you can color coordinate it with what you have in the bedroom.

It’s such a fun activity to do so I encourage you to give it a try. Let me know how it went!


Buttons: https://www.smartasabutton.com/. Check out this website if you are interested in colorful buttons as I used in this video.

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HOW TO: Easy DIY Handbag hanger

In the past few months I have been struggling with finding space for my bags, so they have been spread everywhere in the house. Today, I came up with this idea, which is fast, cheap and easy to do, so I was thinking to share it with you.

Let me know what you think about it, and send me a picture of it if you tried it yourself.

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2017 -New Year resolutions!

Hello everyone,


Pic: Romania, Maramures

As today is the second day of the new year and the beginning of a new chapter in all our lives I want to firstly wish everyone a Happy New Year full of love, happiness and fulfillment. ❤

I spent the last day of 2016 trying to meditate and reflect upon the year that has passed. I thought about all the highlights and achievements that I have managed to achieve and made me realize how lucky and grateful all of us should be. Even though the planet is basically burning, wars are taking place all over the World, people are starving or don’t have any water to drink, 2016 has been a great year for most of us. It is important to understand that all of us, those who are able to read this, were born under a lucky star and we should be grateful for this.

As the year has just started to show us the first pages of its book, we start to make new resolutions and goals that we would like to achieve. To be honest with you, this is my second year when I actually took a bit of my time and wrote down what I would like to achieve in the new year. When I was reflecting upon my year and reread my resolution list, something that I haven’t done since exactly one year ago, I was stunned. Most of the things, especially the most important ones were achieved. Without me even realizing it they were always there at the back of my mind. But is this all we should do?

Take some time and reflect. I believe that setting goals and cleaning your mind at the beginning of the year is very helpful in the long term. You will see how easy things in your life will be achieved, as your mind and body are working towards it without you even realizing it.

Let’s start this year by being grateful for what we have, for where we live and for the people that we love and love us. A positive mindset and a resolution list is a perfect way to start your adventure in the new year.

Spread the love and good luck,



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DIY Christmas decorations! -Easy and cheap-

20161213_132657_HDR.jpgHi everyone!!

Today I am back with a new short post:) I will try and post as frequent as possible before Christmas!!

I really love creating and coming up with new ideas and solutions to various problems..but to be honest my kind of relaxation is to build/create things with my hands. Why should we spend a fortune especially on decorations when they can be so easy and fun to make?

So to keep it in the same category, I want to share with you a way in which you can create very unique decorations for your Christmas tree.

This year I wanted something a bit more unique for my far from home Christmas tree, so I decided to be more creative and I came up with this idea of decorating it. Basically what I did was to create a globe made out of string and then I placed the light installation inside..during night time when the color of the installation changed so it did the color of the whole globe . It is just lovely. Everyone who visited us remarked these cute globes.

These light decorations can be used for your Christmas tree or as a decor around the house. It is easy and fun to do. But if you are planning on making more than 10 of these I recommend you to get some help hahaa… It is a great and fun activity to do with your children and in the end the final result cannot be other than very satisfactory.

The good thing about this string globe is that you can make it as big as you want so you can even create a cute and unique chandelier . You can go even further and try to paint it. It will look great.

I did a video in order to explain how to do it as I believe that it is easier to understand the method:D

Thank you so much for watching and also if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask and also let me know if you want to see other DIYs for Christmas…I still have a few cute ideas..:D:D I hope you enjoyed this video and let me know what kind of decorations are you doing this year for your Christmas tree.


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Finding the right place for you

7be3bc2dcdb3a318cadfb76159604433.jpgToday I decided to write this little blog post and talk to you about a subject that has been in my mind for a while. I am not sure how many people will actually read this article but if there is one single person that will find this useful I will be so happy.:)

Who am I? I don’t think I have ever written a post about this..so just in case I will summarize a few facts about me: I am a student..I am studying architecture at an university in UK to be more precise in Manchester. I have been living there for three years now but my heart was never there…nice boutiques, cute shops and streets, funny people and still..nothing.

In my first year at uni I thought that this is happening because I didn’t know too many people and I was most of the time…well..alone and afraid to admit what I was feeling.I found it difficult to make friends with people when I wasn’t trusting anyone and I wasn’t feeling like I am part of that community. Then on my second year, things started to change, I had more friends and a life there, a purpose, as I started to do more activities , go out, play tennis, get an internship etc. But still, my heart was not there.

Today, I got used to it and I started to appreciate the place more and more but still most of the time I can only see its flaws. Did it ever happen to you to walk around the city or maybe sit on a bus and look around you and feel that its not right for you? The place, the atmosphere, the buildings..the pace and rhythm of the city?  The only good thing about it is the people… to be honest, here I met so many open, smart and creative people.

Even though..I got used to it now and I don’t mind it…still I am not in love with this city. I have seen a few places this year and to be honest with you I felt more at home there than ever.

I believe that I am not the only one in this situation..studying abroad and feeling…like that’s not the place for you..so I decided to share my thoughts with you and talk to you about it because you are not alone..we are not alone..Should we move somewhere else? Should we stay here and fall in love with this place? Let’s talk about this and let me know what your story is. If you know someone who might find this useful let them know by sharing this. Looking forward to read it:D



Aventuri in Marseille! Vlogtrip

Hello beauties,

Astazi, vreau sa impartasesc cu voi primul articol in limba romana de pe blogul meu si experientele pe care le-am trait in ultima vacanta in Marseille.

A fost o vacanta deosebita, plina de aventuri si peripetii..cu siguranta nu ne asteptam sa fie atat de challenging aceasta vacanta in momentul in care ne-am decis sa vizitam Marseille. A fost o experienta deosebita in care am reusit sa trecem peste anumite limite and push ourselves sa incercam ceva nou. In general in viata consider ca e bine to challenge yourself in order to grow. Daca te intrebi despre ce tot vorbesc aici, keep on reading.

How it all started?

Ideea e ca vroiam sa mergem intr-o vacanta in aceasta vara sau mai bine spus inceput de toamna, asa ca un mic premiu pentru tot ce am reusit sa obtinem in ultima vreme, basically to spoil ourselves for a few days dar totul sa fie cat se poate de ieftin, sa fie cald in locul in care mergem si sa avem acces si la o plaja..hmm cam multe pretentii nu? Haha. Am mers pe site.ul de la EasyJet si am gasit aceste bilete catre Marseille, very last minute, cu £50 dus- intors, perfect deal. Pentru cazare, noi folosim AirBnb si din nou am gasit o cazare excelenta si f ieftina in inima Marseille.ului. (daca vreti sa va vorbesc mai mult despre Airbnb let me know:D).

Zis si facut, am facut toate booking.urile necesare si am fost good to go.

In prima zi acolo, vremea nu a tinut cu noi foarte mult, ploua ingrozitor de tare si batea vantul, credeam ca s-a zis cu frumoasa si perfecta noastra escapada. Prima impresie a orasului nu a fost una excelenta, orasul nu era atat de perfect pe cat ne asteptam, iar primul lucru pe care l-am auzit in gara au fost….tigani romani..are they really everywhere?

Dar, dupa ce ne-am plimbat putin prin oras si prin portul vechi unde iti poti inchipui tot felul de scenarii din trecut (asa cum imi place mie sa fac:D) si am prins putin vibe.ul locului si am inceput sa ne simtit ca si acasa.



Urmatoarea zi, am plecat in explorare. Desi credeam ca mergem sa ne petrecem ziua pe o plaja de vis in inima Parcului National des Calanques..ei sa spunem ca ne-am deviat putin de la drumul pavat. Noua ne place sa imbratisam orice provocare, stim cat de important e sa iesim din zona noastra de comfort caci doar asa reusim sa ne dezvoltam si sa realizam ca puterile noastre nu sunt limitate de nimic. Ei bine, pot spune ca noi ca oameni avem o singura superpower si anume atitudinea noastra fata de lucruri, cu o atitudine pozitiva, poti trece munti.


In cea de-a 3-a zi in frumosul Marseille, ne-am relaxat pe insula Frioule, peisaje si o liniste de vis.


Daca iti doresti o excursie ieftina la caldura, plaja si nu foarte multa agitatie,
noi recomandam cu caldura Marseille. E o locatie perfecta pe care o poti vizita chiar si la sfarsit de sezon, inceput de toamna, deoarece temperaturile sunt inca ridicate dar mai usor de suportat decat in timpul verii. Asa ca daca vrei sa aflii mai multe informatii despre locurile de acolo si sa vezi prin ce peripetii am trecut, check out video.urile care le-am postat in contul meu de YouTube(Link down below).

Va pup si vizionare placuta!



Vlogtrip link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9A9I5NnsUf0

Life challenges!

Since I have started to share my own “diary” with you, I have realized that my both posts have been quite serious. But to be honest this is how I have been feeling lately.

I feel like I need to grow and I need something in my life that would spark my motivation, or maybe even raise it to the next level.

Have you ever felt always tired? Or always lacking energy? I really do understand how it feels. Besides the lack of iron in your body more than sure you, me, we need something to motivate us. What can that be? I believe that by challenging ourselves we can develop ourselves and grow.

One thing that I want to do, as soon as possible, something that has been on my wish list for this year is to challenge myself. Even if it can seem hard at first, I strongly believe that it can help me develop my current self. I am thinking about maybe cycling, or running, or maybe hiking for a good cause, or even vlogging more so that I can develop my public speaking skills. Something that I have done and helped me feel better about myself is giving or helping other people. It makes my soul so happy that I want to do it all the time. But, I am not talking only about this, a positive approach to life can be helpful, for example, being very nice with all the people you meet during the day, it may be the cashier at your local store, or the person who sits next to you on the bus, it does not matter. Try it! You will definitely make someone’s day better and happier just by saying hello or smiling!

Trust me this way you will feel like you are making a difference! Help this world to become a better place with small steps. If all of us can be a bit better and nicer every day, definitely this world will become a better place.

I feel like I am talking too much about making this world better, but I really feel like we are not in a good place right now. Maybe in my next post I will talk about Brexit and how I feel about it! Let me know if you are interested to see the opinion of someone who lives there, as a student, pays their duties and contributes to theirs development.

Spread the love,



Diary page 2: Two Worlds!


I want to start by asking you: Have you ever felt like you are stuck in the middle of two Worlds?

Well sometimes I do. Being a student in UK while all your family is somewhere else, it can get a bit tricky. Do you ever feel like you don’t know where you belong anymore? Home is great, but still your everyday life is happening somewhere else, you don’t feel like you have a “purpose” here anymore. Am I right?


Being there, in a new city, you start to integrate and feel like you are part of the community. Lots of opportunities are rising from every corner, a great place to evolve and “improve yourself”. But still, you don’t feel like you are at home there and don’t feel like you are at home when you are actually back in your old hometown. So, where do you belong?


I believe that our life is there, where all the opportunities surround us. The only thing is to make that place feel pleasant, make it feel like home. Your daily activities, combining work with having fun will help you settle better in a new place. I believe that a big part of it is enjoying every moment and making the most of everything, again being happy, because this is our new life, let’s make the most of it. And…as far as our homesick is concerned I believe that arranging to see your loved ones more often can help you and them feeling alright with being far from each other.


These are my thoughts for today. Hope you enjoyed it and let me know how you feel about this type of situation, I am really curious to see other perspectives.