Diary page 1: Travelling thoughts


Watching everything changing around me, new views passing by, I am thinking… I am so lucky, we are so lucky.

I am on a coach now, travelling home, and my thoughts are wondering and screaming to be expressed.

I am just realizing how valuable this period of my life is. Student life, is a moment in time, happening only once, a moment to be cherished, a moment to be enjoyed, appreciated and lived to the fullest. Happiness lives in small things, it is important to only see them, because they always find their way around us. A hug, a kiss, saying goodbye are all moments that make our life. It may be sad or happy, there is no shortcut to happiness. Because, at the end of the day, when we look back, we can notice that what has been bringing us joy or maybe tears into our eyes make us who we are today. As I was saying, there is no shortcut to happiness, every single day and moment is “happiness.”

Why is this period so valuable? Because I believe it is the perfect time to DO something. Time is so precious and it is the only one that won’t come back.

As an architecture student, my life as a student is not that simple. Long nights, lots of work, crying (haha), and coffee in one word HASSLE. I was fortunate enough this year, to see how it is to work on a schedule at a real office, real life experience. I enjoyed it and I still enjoy it, but I already know that for the future is not what I want. I don’t want to feel like I am stuck in the office from 9 to 17 and don’t have a life. I don’t want to retire and then realize that I have spent my life in the office, working towards someone else’s dream. No, I want to work towards my own dream. I will never let myself get lost in this cycle.

That is why I believe it is so important to make the most of this time. As a student, we are not stuck in uni from 9 to 17! We have long holidays and time for ourselves. I know, I know that so many will say that in their free time they are stuck in the library. Trust me, I totally agree. I don’t really have much time to myself. But I am trying not to be caught in this cycle. Time management is very important. Having a good time management is the key to fulfillment and realization. But, I can talk about that in another post, if you are interested, because it will get too long.

So, as I was saying, time for ourselves. This time that we have now, in our hands, is helping us actually to develop and become the best versions of ourselves. Embrace this time, and work towards what you like and enjoy. I am so grateful that I can travel and discover a bit more every single day. I haven’t seen too many places yet, but I certainly will. I feel like every time I am seeing something new I am growing, I am teaching myself by actually seeing and walking through history as I like to call it. Every time I am in an “old place” lets say, like a church or a castle I like to think about the history and what happened there. Think about how many things these walls that still surround us has witnessed in their long lives.

I am bubbling too much now, I want to leave you with this thought: Get inspired by the things that surround you, make the most of your time now, enjoy and love every moment, give, grow and become your best self, bring a change to this World and work towards what you love. Make the most of today because life is too short. We are like a raindrop in the life of the Universe, at first so meaningless and then so precious.




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