Diary page 2: Two Worlds!


I want to start by asking you: Have you ever felt like you are stuck in the middle of two Worlds?

Well sometimes I do. Being a student in UK while all your family is somewhere else, it can get a bit tricky. Do you ever feel like you don’t know where you belong anymore? Home is great, but still your everyday life is happening somewhere else, you don’t feel like you have a “purpose” here anymore. Am I right?


Being there, in a new city, you start to integrate and feel like you are part of the community. Lots of opportunities are rising from every corner, a great place to evolve and “improve yourself”. But still, you don’t feel like you are at home there and don’t feel like you are at home when you are actually back in your old hometown. So, where do you belong?


I believe that our life is there, where all the opportunities surround us. The only thing is to make that place feel pleasant, make it feel like home. Your daily activities, combining work with having fun will help you settle better in a new place. I believe that a big part of it is enjoying every moment and making the most of everything, again being happy, because this is our new life, let’s make the most of it. And…as far as our homesick is concerned I believe that arranging to see your loved ones more often can help you and them feeling alright with being far from each other.


These are my thoughts for today. Hope you enjoyed it and let me know how you feel about this type of situation, I am really curious to see other perspectives.






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