Life challenges!

Since I have started to share my own “diary” with you, I have realized that my both posts have been quite serious. But to be honest this is how I have been feeling lately.

I feel like I need to grow and I need something in my life that would spark my motivation, or maybe even raise it to the next level.

Have you ever felt always tired? Or always lacking energy? I really do understand how it feels. Besides the lack of iron in your body more than sure you, me, we need something to motivate us. What can that be? I believe that by challenging ourselves we can develop ourselves and grow.

One thing that I want to do, as soon as possible, something that has been on my wish list for this year is to challenge myself. Even if it can seem hard at first, I strongly believe that it can help me develop my current self. I am thinking about maybe cycling, or running, or maybe hiking for a good cause, or even vlogging more so that I can develop my public speaking skills. Something that I have done and helped me feel better about myself is giving or helping other people. It makes my soul so happy that I want to do it all the time. But, I am not talking only about this, a positive approach to life can be helpful, for example, being very nice with all the people you meet during the day, it may be the cashier at your local store, or the person who sits next to you on the bus, it does not matter. Try it! You will definitely make someone’s day better and happier just by saying hello or smiling!

Trust me this way you will feel like you are making a difference! Help this world to become a better place with small steps. If all of us can be a bit better and nicer every day, definitely this world will become a better place.

I feel like I am talking too much about making this world better, but I really feel like we are not in a good place right now. Maybe in my next post I will talk about Brexit and how I feel about it! Let me know if you are interested to see the opinion of someone who lives there, as a student, pays their duties and contributes to theirs development.

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