Finding the right place for you

7be3bc2dcdb3a318cadfb76159604433.jpgToday I decided to write this little blog post and talk to you about a subject that has been in my mind for a while. I am not sure how many people will actually read this article but if there is one single person that will find this useful I will be so happy.:)

Who am I? I don’t think I have ever written a post about just in case I will summarize a few facts about me: I am a student..I am studying architecture at an university in UK to be more precise in Manchester. I have been living there for three years now but my heart was never there…nice boutiques, cute shops and streets, funny people and still..nothing.

In my first year at uni I thought that this is happening because I didn’t know too many people and I was most of the time…well..alone and afraid to admit what I was feeling.I found it difficult to make friends with people when I wasn’t trusting anyone and I wasn’t feeling like I am part of that community. Then on my second year, things started to change, I had more friends and a life there, a purpose, as I started to do more activities , go out, play tennis, get an internship etc. But still, my heart was not there.

Today, I got used to it and I started to appreciate the place more and more but still most of the time I can only see its flaws. Did it ever happen to you to walk around the city or maybe sit on a bus and look around you and feel that its not right for you? The place, the atmosphere, the buildings..the pace and rhythm of the city?  The only good thing about it is the people… to be honest, here I met so many open, smart and creative people.

Even though..I got used to it now and I don’t mind it…still I am not in love with this city. I have seen a few places this year and to be honest with you I felt more at home there than ever.

I believe that I am not the only one in this situation..studying abroad and feeling…like that’s not the place for I decided to share my thoughts with you and talk to you about it because you are not alone..we are not alone..Should we move somewhere else? Should we stay here and fall in love with this place? Let’s talk about this and let me know what your story is. If you know someone who might find this useful let them know by sharing this. Looking forward to read it:D




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