HOW TO: DIY Jewelry Button Necklace

Are you in love with fashion, glamour and jewelries? Than this is perfect for you!

Using simple vintage or elegant buttons whatever you prefer actually you can do this amazing DIY necklace. It is so easy and fun to do! I cannot wait to wear it! It’s such a unique piece that will definitely make you stand out in a good creative way.

Give it a try and send me pics of it!

I am in love with the result so I am going to share some pictures with you as well ❤ Its just perfect! Such a simple way of creating something beautiful out of buttons that usually annoy us because they tend to get spread all over the house. If you want to know what I have used for this DIY check out the video!!IMG_1027.JPG


Buttons were sponsored by Smart as a button: Check out this website, for your next glamorous necklace.

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