Home hacks

cardinal points

The cardinal points of the compass offer associations of meaning that can enhance architectural experience.

I know it is hard to believe but I have here some architectural hacks that can turn out to be really useful for those who cannot afford an architect to design their house.

EAST: youthfulness, innocence, freshness, prosperity.

WEST: aging, wisdom, questioning.

NORTH: maturity, acceptance, death.

SOUTH: activity, clarity, simplicity.

These associations are not absolute, but they can help you decide where to locate various spaces and activities within your house or site.

For example you can place your child’s room on the East side of the building. If you want to include an office in your house you should go for the West  wing and so on.



The ideal house orientation is that the main long axis of the building runs East-West. Since you live in your home through Summer and Winter, you should design it for the entire year. It is important to be comfortable all year long and not just for a single season. Sometimes, solar homes, are built with large areas of upward, tilted, south-facing glass, designed to catch every bit of Sun, Winter or Summer. While tilted glass does maximize heat gain during the winter months, it also maximizes that same heat gain during the summer when the rays of the Sun will bounce off the vertical tilted glass.

What might compass orientation suggest about the placement of a mortuary, a worship space, an adult education lecture hall, or an infant nursery?

Let me know in the comments below.