Diary page 1: Travelling thoughts


Watching everything changing around me, new views passing by, I am thinking… I am so lucky, we are so lucky.

I am on a coach now, travelling home, and my thoughts are wondering and screaming to be expressed.

I am just realizing how valuable this period of my life is. Student life, is a moment in time, happening only once, a moment to be cherished, a moment to be enjoyed, appreciated and lived to the fullest. Happiness lives in small things, it is important to only see them, because they always find their way around us. A hug, a kiss, saying goodbye are all moments that make our life. It may be sad or happy, there is no shortcut to happiness. Because, at the end of the day, when we look back, we can notice that what has been bringing us joy or maybe tears into our eyes make us who we are today. As I was saying, there is no shortcut to happiness, every single day and moment is “happiness.”

Why is this period so valuable? Because I believe it is the perfect time to DO something. Time is so precious and it is the only one that won’t come back.

As an architecture student, my life as a student is not that simple. Long nights, lots of work, crying (haha), and coffee in one word HASSLE. I was fortunate enough this year, to see how it is to work on a schedule at a real office, real life experience. I enjoyed it and I still enjoy it, but I already know that for the future is not what I want. I don’t want to feel like I am stuck in the office from 9 to 17 and don’t have a life. I don’t want to retire and then realize that I have spent my life in the office, working towards someone else’s dream. No, I want to work towards my own dream. I will never let myself get lost in this cycle.

That is why I believe it is so important to make the most of this time. As a student, we are not stuck in uni from 9 to 17! We have long holidays and time for ourselves. I know, I know that so many will say that in their free time they are stuck in the library. Trust me, I totally agree. I don’t really have much time to myself. But I am trying not to be caught in this cycle. Time management is very important. Having a good time management is the key to fulfillment and realization. But, I can talk about that in another post, if you are interested, because it will get too long.

So, as I was saying, time for ourselves. This time that we have now, in our hands, is helping us actually to develop and become the best versions of ourselves. Embrace this time, and work towards what you like and enjoy. I am so grateful that I can travel and discover a bit more every single day. I haven’t seen too many places yet, but I certainly will. I feel like every time I am seeing something new I am growing, I am teaching myself by actually seeing and walking through history as I like to call it. Every time I am in an “old place” lets say, like a church or a castle I like to think about the history and what happened there. Think about how many things these walls that still surround us has witnessed in their long lives.

I am bubbling too much now, I want to leave you with this thought: Get inspired by the things that surround you, make the most of your time now, enjoy and love every moment, give, grow and become your best self, bring a change to this World and work towards what you love. Make the most of today because life is too short. We are like a raindrop in the life of the Universe, at first so meaningless and then so precious.




How to: CV


Hello my beauties,

Today, I am coming back with a post that is a bit different but I hope you will enjoy it.

Are you student or more exactly an Architecture student and you are struggling to write your CV?

Here I have a few tips for you on how to do it:

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Spring Outfits ideas!

Hello my beauties!
Want to change your style? Or want to be more girly while wearing an effortless look? I've got you covered. Here you can find a couple of cute outfits suitable for different occasions.
Leeet's get started!!
1.Casual look!
Lets start with something very casual, simple and cute. Everyone owns a pair of jeans, right? Just combine it with a nice top/ shirt and a cardigan and you are good to go. Also, you can add some accessories to your outfit to give it a more personal touch.
2. More formal?? Just upgrade your previous outfit!


 Want to be more formal but at the same time still stay casual? By simply changing your cardigan to a blazer from the previous outfit, and your flats to some heels you are ready for something more formal! Again, make it personal, a chunky necklace, a purse or even both why not can change your entire look, because remember, the difference stays in small things.
3. Keep it casual!


    Clean look? Always a good idea!
    Combine all your basic items and you'll look gorgeous!PS Those shoes though
4. Girly girl!

I can start by saying that I absolutely love this dress!
It screams Paris, isn't it?

I think that for all you girly girls out there this is a must have!
You can wear it at different occasions, you can 
dress it up, dress it down, it can always be a good choice.
5. Skirt time!


Recently I become absolutely obsessed with this kind of skirt. Again, it is so 
girly and perfect and describes me perfectly.

Here, I have 3 different ideas on how you can style it. The first one is more 
casual perfect for a walk, or hanging out with friends. The second one,
lets be honest, can be a perfect outfit for Easter, now that it is just
around the corner. The last one, is more chic and elegant, perfect for formal 

Be sure that whatever you will choose, you will certainly stand out from the crowd and be the most beautiful.

Let me know what you think and which one is your favorite.
Kisses and until next time don't forget to shine!

5 Tips for any University student!!!


Advises before starting university:

  1. Don’t forget to enroll!!!

Oh yes, I think that it is pretty damn important. How would that be to wake up one day in the university accommodation or your private accommodation realizing that you are actually not a student? Pretty bad…#lifehacks


  1. Be part of societies! Be active!

Once you are on your way to university, you are living behind people that you love and care about. That can be a bit hard and tiring at the same time. YOU, should not forget that everyone is in the same shoes with you and that everyone is looking for a friend.

  1. Learn!

You should read as many books as possible. Make the most of your time. My advice for you would be to organize your time really well and also to find a proper environment for studying. That doesn’t have to be a dusty library, trust me, that tree in the park that perfectly suits your back is a great place as well.

  1. Foooood!!!

In this domain you will feel a great difference. Your mom won’t be there to cook dinner for you anymore so the temptation would obviously be FAST food. That is not a choice. From my own experience I can tell you that it is only going to make you feel fat and you wouldn’t be able to focus really well anymore. So, try to cook for yourself or eat out healthy food because “Mens sana in corpore sano” which means “A healthy mind in a healthy body”.

  1. Enjoy!!

Be happy, make friends and absorb information! Become the best version of yourself! Define yourself!

And, finally the most important part, ENJOY! This is what you’ve chosen to do, this should be your dream, so ENJOY and be HAPPY, because at the end of the day this is the most important thing!

As you can tell, life as a student can be really simple!

Let me know in the comments below if you want me to talk in more details about places where you can find the most affordable products as a student in UK or maybe if you want me to talk about accommodation or other topics.

PS: If you haven’t smiled today, now it is your turn!! Smile for 5 seconds! No day is worth living without a smile!

Until next time,



HOW to get a sexy body for the summer?


How to have a sexy and healthy body?

Here I have a few tips and tricks for you.

One of the most important things that affect our body is the food that we eat, of course.

  • Try to reduce the amount of sugar you eat;

Instead you should eat honey or maple syrup or stevia, coconut sugar.

Again, I know how hard it can be to avoid sweets, especially for me:D, but once you get to know how bad it is for your body and skin, trust me, you will reduce it from your diet.

  • Eliminate gluten from your meals;

WHY to eliminate gluten from your diet?

It is only empty calories, it is highly addictive and it gives you the satisfaction that you are full, you are not hungry anymore, but it doesn’t offer the nutritional value that the body, mind, skin requires.

  • Eliminate dairy (butter, cheese, milk, ice cream);

The secret is not to exaggerate with it 😉 because yes, I know it is hard, especially ice cream in a hot and sunny summer day.

One of the results that you can have is CLEAR SKIN. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want that?

  • No DEEP FRIED food!

It is only going to make you gain weight, so try to reduce it, or eliminate it.

You should eat healthy green vegetables, fruits, you can still bake but you should try to use coconut flour or almond flour, there are so many options for you.

  • Exercise, exercise, exercise!!!

Be active! Walk a lot, dance in the sun, swim, go for runs, play, ride a bike instead of taking the bus, it can be fun at the same time so keep on doing whatever makes you happy, keep on being active. These little things throughout your day are going to make you healthy.

  • Sleeping!

Sleeping at the right time of the day is very important. Going to sleep late is going to make you feel tired all the time and is only going to affect your mood and brain.

The ideal time for going to sleep is 10PM. Yes, it is super early but it is going to make a huge difference for your body and is going to offer your brain a possibility to heal.  The quality of sleep is going to be different if you go to sleep after 12.00PM, you can feel a bit drained.

  • Posture!!!

Walk straight with a proper posture in order to have a sexy body.

It will not happen overnight, but every step is a big step in the right direction and it is going to make you feel better about yourself and increase your confidence as well.

Home hacks

cardinal points

The cardinal points of the compass offer associations of meaning that can enhance architectural experience.

I know it is hard to believe but I have here some architectural hacks that can turn out to be really useful for those who cannot afford an architect to design their house.

EAST: youthfulness, innocence, freshness, prosperity.

WEST: aging, wisdom, questioning.

NORTH: maturity, acceptance, death.

SOUTH: activity, clarity, simplicity.

These associations are not absolute, but they can help you decide where to locate various spaces and activities within your house or site.

For example you can place your child’s room on the East side of the building. If you want to include an office in your house you should go for the West  wing and so on.



The ideal house orientation is that the main long axis of the building runs East-West. Since you live in your home through Summer and Winter, you should design it for the entire year. It is important to be comfortable all year long and not just for a single season. Sometimes, solar homes, are built with large areas of upward, tilted, south-facing glass, designed to catch every bit of Sun, Winter or Summer. While tilted glass does maximize heat gain during the winter months, it also maximizes that same heat gain during the summer when the rays of the Sun will bounce off the vertical tilted glass.

What might compass orientation suggest about the placement of a mortuary, a worship space, an adult education lecture hall, or an infant nursery?

Let me know in the comments below.



About me


I’m Iulia and I’m a global citizen . Art makes my soul happy, life makes me wake up every day, love guides me through life and the WORLD makes me flourish. Join me on my adventures through life and lets discuss these topics together.

How to be happy :)



I am so happy to talk to you today about happiness.

Probably you are asking yourself why should I trust you? Who are you to tell me how to be happy?

I’ve been analyzing what I’ve been doing in the past few years, my habits and how I got to be so emotionally balanced.

The truth is, I am not always happy, it is in our nature and in our way of being to be stressed, depressed or anxious. Personally, I’ve had a tough year that only taught me how to be stronger, fight for my goals, be independent and also strive in order to obtain my goals.

Happiness is only a choice of your attitude. So it is YOU, yes only YOU, the one who can make a real change in your life. Every day when you wake up you are making a choice, whether to be happy or miserable. I’ve been there, trust me, until last year my life was like a dream. Everything used to be simple, nice and beautiful. All of a sudden, I woke up from this beautiful and fulfilling dream of mine into a cruel reality. Long working hours, chores, activities, university etc used to be part of my daily routine.

Firstly, I wasn’t able to focus enough, my projects weren’t so good anymore, I was feeling so depressed that my whole life is somewhere else while I am here all alone. But now, I am telling you, this is your very own choice. Honestly, I wasn’t enjoying this negative emotions and this attitude towards things and I am sure that people around me weren’t enjoying it as well. So, I just promised myself that I will stop doing that. A twist happened inside me.  I told myself you know what, “I should be happy, I should enjoy this unique experience and be grateful for everything.” I started to take inspiration from my old self and in the very end, after a couple of months I managed to progress and be happy and grateful for this opportunity that I’ve got.

Surround yourself with happy and positive people. You know what they say:  you’re the average of your 5 friends. Don’t let the negativity of your friends to affect you. I know it is hard, but you should not have this kind of people in your life. I think that it is better to be alone and happy than surrounded by people and miserable. Another thing that you can do is read, read, read. Read positive books, blogs, watch vlogs that can inspire you to be who you actually are. Here you have a great example “ME”. I am doing this blog, article, for you guys and for me as well.

Try doing yoga/ meditation. This is a new thing for me as well but I feel like it helps me a lot to clear my mind, and see the nice things in everything and every situation, to love and worship what I have. For example, if you are on a hike and you feel like it is impossible to reach the end of the journey say to yourself that nothing is easy, nothing is going to come to you for granted, just like in life. You have to fight in order to obtain what you want. Like this journey, it is like climbing a ladder you have to start from the first step in order to get to the last one.

Again, it is just a choice to be happy and to surround yourself with happy and positive people.